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Website copywriting, internet copywriting, copywriting courses

Website copywriting & internet copywriting courses, classes, and books to:

  • Dramatically increase your online sales
  • Get the highest possible search engine ranking
  • Write traffic building direct opt-in email campaigns
  • Utilize the power of direct mail copywriting and marketing campaigns
  • And make your business an “Internet Success Story”

You have found the “Missing Link” of internet success – persuasive website copywriting. And we are not talking about linking programs or the legal concept of “copyrighting” content- we are talking the basic element of internet selling, which is often overlooked in the design oriented online industry. That basic element is persuasive web site copywriting – the term used for writing online sales copy – the powerful words that sell your products or services.

The Secret is almost out!

What secret? Well, it is not much of a secret in the brick and mortar world. But, it is a secret in the online Website World. We believe that “website copywriting” will be the next huge buzzword on how to be successful online. Like “viral marketing”, “B2B”, “branding”, etc….

Get a jump on your competition

Only about 2% of websites are making money. How do they do it? By using selling words… persuasive words. In a nutshell: powerful website copywriting. If you follow the guidelines in these powerful copywriting products, you will be in that 2%, and not the other 98% who have don’t understand the importance of persuasive sales copy.

Turn your website into a selling machine with powerful website copywriting

Words are your site’s salespeople. Working 24/7 for free. Once you have “trained” them by using powerful website copywriting techniques, your site will become your #1 salesperson – working hard for you while you enjoy some of your hard earned success.

Words sell, not graphics

Do you just hand out pictures of your products during a sales call? Hand out pictures of you performing a service? Of course not! You use your persuasive words to sell your customer on the benefits of working with your business. You, as the owner, know the words to use to turn a prospect into a customer. But, does your internet site?

The bottom line: You are the best writer for your business

You know your products and/or services. You know your clients and customers. You say you are not a writer. That might be true – but you are a persuader. With a small investment, these internet copywriting courses and classes will show you how, in an easy step-by-step process, to become a master e-persuader for your online business.

PS: All of these products have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We would never sell a product that did not have a great guarantee.

(Tip: A powerful guarantee is one of the most powerful and persuasive website copywriting secrets known to mankind)