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High Search Engine Ranking

Direct Sales & Website Copywriting Newsletter
January 17, 2002 Part I

1.) Writing for high search engine ranking – Part I

by: Dave Pierce

High search engine ranking for a website is a powerful marketing tool
that will result in more sales and higher profits for your online
. Studies confirm that 40%… to even 80% of your website
traffic will come from search engines. Once your website is in the
different search engine databases, you can rely on that free traffic
to generate a lot of visitors — which combined with persuasive sales
copy, will result in more sales for your website’s product or service.

You might be asking yourself… “Why is this guy talking about high
search engine ranking in a copywriting newsletter?” …

… Well, 90% of achieving high search engine ranking is primarily a
function of the way a website and its web pages sales copy is written!

(And for you fellow copywriters– writing for high search engine
ranking is one skill that ALL copywriters should include in their
copywriting arsenal. You can easily charge another 25% or more on your
website copywriting fees if you can master a few simple techniques
that will get your client’s website a high search engine ranking.)

I know it seems as though there is some “big secret” to writing for
high search engine ranking… … But, if you can learn the techniques
that I am disclosing here-you will see that there is no really “big

So… here are the steps in writing high impact sales copy that will get
high search engine ranking across almost all the search engines…

Step #1) Planning your keywords and keyword phrases for high search
engine ranking:

After you have done your marketing research for the product or service
offered by your website or your client’s website– you need to come up
with what we call keywords for the main page and all the other web
pages on the website. Keywords are just 1, 2, or 3 word phrases that
are the main thrust of the particular product or service being offered
on your web page.

Pick the most important keywords and keyword phase for the Home Page.
Then you will need to pick other keywords for each web page you are
writing the sales copy for.

For example of a main page, on our consulting site , our main keyword phrase for the
site is “website copywriting”. That is the main thrust of that
particular website. You can go to as well as and see how well we rank at #1 for that particular
2-word keyword phrase.

Why did I pick these 2 search engines? Well, Google is becoming more
popular every day, and is the best search engine out there. Google
also feeds the “web pages” search matches at Yahoo. You have to get
that Yahoo traffic! And AOL uses the Inktomi database— which also
feeds MSN, HotBot, iWon,, GoTo, and many others. So, by
optimizing for Google and Inktomi, you are covering at least 90% of
the search engine market.

Step #2) Making sure you are optimizing for the most profitable
keyword phrases:

There are 2 websites that give the number of times a particular
keyword or keyword phrase is searched. You want to make sure that you
pick a keyword phrase is actually searched! The 2 sites are:



Just input whatever keyword phrase that you had in mind-and see how
many times it was searched. Pick out keyword phrases that are searched
quite a few times. (If it is real competitive market-try and stay with
the searches that are more specific to the product or service you are
writing your sales copy for. And maybe use 3 word keyword phrases at
this point.)

Here is another example for an individual web page: For a new site I
just launched, I wanted a web page for “internet copywriter services”.
But, if you search for “internet copywriter” on the Overture site
listed above, you will see that “internet copywriter” is not even
searched for! And copywriter is searched for about 2,200 times a
month. But, optimizing for a one-word keyword is very hard to do…

… So I did some more searches and found that “web content writer” is
searched for about 1,200 times a month. So, I optimized that page for
the keywords “web content writer”. You can go to
as well as and do a search for “web content writer
without the brackets. Now, see how well the new page, , ranks at
#3 on AOL and #19 on Google for that particular keyword phrase.

Now, once you have your keywords and keywords chosen for the
particular website and its web pages, it is time to strategically
place them while writing your sales copy…

In the next issue, you will receive Writing for High Search Engine
Ranking – Part II:

Step #3) How to use-and where to place the keyword phrases in your
sales copy

Step #4) Using Heading tags to boost your client’s search engine

Step #5) The most important element in achieving high search engine

… And more secrets to writing for high search engine ranking…


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