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Website Traffic Statistics

Website traffic statistics & audience measurement tools:

“Another powerful secret of successful internet businesses revealed”

Dear Fellow Internet Entrepreneur,

You need real-time website traffic statistics to measure how well your internet marketing plan is performing.
Successful internet marketers use the best real-time website traffic statistics program available to measure their traffic and marketing campaigns statistics. Audience measurement tools are the true meat and potatoes of internet marketing.

Save your valuable time…

You have to know what marketing programs are working for you. I used to waste my time doing unproductive marketing programs or techniques until I discovered the power of real time website traffic statistics. It changed about every marketing method I use to use…

Save a lot of your money…

By using audience measurement tools and real-time website traffic statistics you can literally save thousands of dollars in marketing costs by knowing how your marketing efforts are working. If you are not getting any traffic and sales from that marketing program– move on to the next one…

Here are just a few of the 100’s of real-time website traffic statistics that will be provided to you:

– Website traffic statistics– for every page by the hour, day, week, month, and year

– Website traffic reports:

  • Page views – What pages are keeping your traffics attention? What ones need some copywriting work?
  • Most popular pages – This is crucial… 
  • Unique visitors – This is the most important thing you need to know! The key to any new marketing campaign
  • Return visitors – These are your loyal customers…

– Internet Marketing Reports:

  • Internet referrers – This is will show you how visitors are finding your site
  • Search engine traffic – What search engine is giving you the most traffic?
  • Search engine keywords – This will open your eyes! This is the goldmine of website traffic statistics.
  • Time spent on page and the entire website – How sticky is your site? This will tell you…

– Visitor Profiles – Where, what, when? Do you have an International Company? I found out I did…

– Site Path Reports:

Traffic entry page – How did that direct email marketing campaign go?

Traffic exit page – Hopefully it is your order page!

-And 100’s more real-time website traffic statistics and audience measurement tools reports

…If you do nothing else…You have to have useful, real time website traffic statistics to know what marketing efforts are working and what one are not.

And to get the best real-time website traffic statistics…Simply click here.

PS: Did I mention who else uses SuperStats?